The Church Attic that Runneth Over

Have you ever gone hunting through a church attic? There are plenty of items that you would naturally expect to find there: hymnals, seasonal decorations, costumes from the children's last nativity play, and lots of dust. But churches often store more than just the obvious church related items. When you see lots of kids in a church parking lot waving signs that announce a carwash fundraiser, remember that all those buckets, … [Read more...] about The Church Attic that Runneth Over

Keeping the Weather Out

If you have ever faced the frustration of a door that allows nature in at all the wrong moments, don't worry, you aren't alone. That is why Hometown Sheds of NC sells doors with high quality weather tight seals. When you buy a storage unit from Hometown Sheds you won't have to worry about what will leak inside because wind, rain, and snow are effectively sealed out. But even though the elements won't find an easy entrance, … [Read more...] about Keeping the Weather Out

When to Shop for a Shed

It's Saturday and normally you would be outside enjoying time with family and friends, but an unexpected torrential rain storm has just so happened to spoil your plans. So what now? It might surprise you, but wet weather is the perfect time to shop for sheds. Even though spending a rainy day out and about looking for a storage unit probably sounds as close to misery as you can get without physical pain involved, you will … [Read more...] about When to Shop for a Shed

Relax and Re-Level

It's morning and you decide to take your coffee outside. You are in the middle of enjoying the fresh air when all of sudden you notice that your brand new portable storage unit is tilting slightly to the left. You call for your spouse to confirm what you are seeing and soon the entire family is gathered outside with their heads cocked to one side...the vote is unanimous. The shed is definitely not level. What do you do from … [Read more...] about Relax and Re-Level

On the Level-Tips on Where to Place Your Shed

You want to buy a shed. Whether it’s because the clutter around your house has built up too much or you need a private work space, you have finally decided that a shed is exactly what you need. Now the only question that remains is where you will put this new addition to your property. There are lots of different factors you have to consider when deciding where to place your storage shed. Your first step is to check into city … [Read more...] about On the Level-Tips on Where to Place Your Shed

How to (Not) Pressure Wash Your Shed

Spring is upon us. That means lawns to mow, more time outdoors…and a fuzzy green film of pollen and smelly black mold all over your shed. If you happen to get a sudden burst of motivation to clean the outside of your shed, then there are a couple guidelines you should follow so that the washing won’t lead to damage. First, using a pressure washer is generally not recommended. It can strip the paint from the sides and also … [Read more...] about How to (Not) Pressure Wash Your Shed

Another Happy Customer

People are loving the products and service they get at Hometown Sheds of NC! Sammy & Pam S. from Lexington recently wrote a thank you to our store in Thomasville praising the manager, Tim, for the quality of service:"From the choice of colors to the delivery and set up. Everything went smooth with the set up and the crew was very efficient and helpful also. Hometown Sheds offers a great selection with great value and I … [Read more...] about Another Happy Customer

12 x 24 “Mr. Popular”

12x24. This storage shed is our best seller. And now this 12x24 portable storage shed is calling your name. It's a side gable (wider than it is long). It has two windows on the front side with a 48" door in between them. And because it has an 8' sidewall, we also included an 8x80 roll door on the right wall. Lastly, we have equipped it with a freestanding light beside the swing door, so that you may do some late night … [Read more...] about 12 x 24 “Mr. Popular”

Combo Carport (The Mullet)

This is an 18x31 Combo Carport we like to call "The Mullet!" It's all business in the front and party in the back! Perfect for storing lawnmowers and other farm equipment in the back storage room, while simultaneously covering one of your vehicles up front! Plus, this steel carport has an 8' leg, allowing you to get those extra tall vehicles in and out with ease! Bring Mullets Back into Style! Buy this Carport today! … [Read more...] about Combo Carport (The Mullet)

12×20 Lawnmower Storage

This 12×20 portable storage building is perfect for your lawnmower’s needs. Take care of your lawnmower, and your lawnmower will take care of you! This building is equipped with 2 windows and 2 doors, providing optimal access, visibility, and ventilation. $4328 - $172/mo. It’s one of our best sellers – for a reason! Tend to your Lawnmower! Buy this Portable Building Today! … [Read more...] about 12×20 Lawnmower Storage